Liquid chromatography solvent filter alternative Agilent Waters 1/16″ 1/8″ mobile phase filter

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Chromasir provides three kinds of high-quality LC solvent inlet filter for different liquid chromatography applications. The filter adopts 316L stainless steel as its manufacture material, with the advantages of stable shape, strong impact resistance and excellent alternate load ability. It can be generally used in all kinds of liquid chromatography to perfectly satisfy the need of filtering impurities in mobile phases.

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The solvent inlet filters are made of 316L stainless steel with different precision and pore sizes. They are able to meet most of customers' experiment filter needs. The stainless steel filters are collision resistance and easy to wash. Compared to glass filters, stainless steel filters tend to much tougher and more durable after ultrasonic cleaning. Besides, the stainless steel filters have less likely to chemically react with mobile phases and generate contaminations. They have a homogeneous and stable pore size to lower instrument pressure loss while higher filter performance. Filters are easy to install, use and maintain. High filter ability and long service lifespan contribute to greatly prolong the useful life of chromatographic columns and lower operational costs for customers. Usually, Waters replacement filters are used in conjunction with the tubes 3mm id and 4mm od.


● Stable shape, better impact resistance and alternate load ability than other metal filter materials.
● Homogeneous and stable pore size, good permeability, low pressure loss, high filtration accuracy, robust separation and filtration performance.
● Excellent mechanical strength (skeleton to support and protect is not necessary), easy to install and use, convenient maintenance.
● Easy to blow back, good washability and regeneration (the filtration performance can recover above 90% after repetitive cleaning and regeneration), long service life, high material utilization.


The solvent inlet filters can apply in kinds of liquid chromatography including preparative LC, and filter impurities in mobile phases and infusion pump when installed in mobile phase solvent bottles.


Name Cylinder diameter Length Stem length Stem ID Precision OD Part. No
Replacement Agilent filter 12.6mm 28.1mm 7.7mm 0.85mm 5um 1/16" CGC-0162801
Replacement Waters filter 12.2mm 20.8mm 9.9mm 2.13mm 5um 1/8" CGC-0082102
Preparative  filter 25mm 30mm 22.2mm 2.13mm 20um 1/16" CGC-0083603

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