PEEK tubing 1/16” tube connection

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PEEK tubing’s outer diameter is 1/16”, fitting majority of high performance liquid chromatography analysis. Chromasir provides 1/16” OD PEEK tubing with ID 0.13mm, 0.18mm,0.25mm, 0.5mm, 0.75mm and 1mm for customers’ choice. The inner and outer diameter tolerance is ± 0.001”(0.03mm). A tubing cutter will be given free of charge when PEEK tubing order above 5m.

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Chromasir’s PEEK tubing is an ideal tool for liquid chromatography. In high performance liquid chromatography, various reagents are sent at extremely high pressure, therefore, a suitable PEEK tubing will be need to proceed the analysis. Our PEEK tubing has a high mechanical strength to withstand high pressure, excellent chemical resistance to 400bar, and no elution of metal ions. The PEEK tubing can be used with finger-tight fittings. It has great resistance to high temperature with a melting point of 350℃。Additionally, please avoid using PEEK tubing in concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid, because the tubing will expand in DMSO, dichloromethane and THF. The colors on the PEEK tubing are a kind of ink to indicate the mark of different tubing inner diameter. The ink maybe is frayed during use, which do not affect the normal use in analysis experiments.



Name Part. No Dimension  Length Color
PEEK tubing CPG-0161000 1/16”OD 1.0mm ID 1M GREY
PEEK tubing CPG-0167500 1/16”OD 0.75mm ID 1M GREEN
PEEK tubing CPG-0165000 1/16”OD 0.50mm ID 1M YELLOW
PEEK tubing CPG-0162500 1/16”OD 0.25mm ID 1M BLUE
PEEK tubing CPG-0161800 1/16”OD 0.18mm ID 1M NATURAL
PEEK tubing CPG-0161300 1/16”OD 0.13mm ID 1M RED
PEEK tubing CPG-0161005 1/16”OD 1.0mm ID 5M GREY
PEEK tubing CPG-0167505 1/16”OD 0.75mm ID 5M GREEN
PEEK tubing CPG-0165005 1/16”OD 0.50mm ID 5M YELLOW
PEEK tubing CPG-0162505 1/16”OD 0.15mm ID 5M BLUE
PEEK tubing CPG-0161805 1/16”OD 0.18mm ID 5M NATURAL
PEEK tubing CPG-0161305 1/16”OD 0.13mm ID 5M RED
PEEK tubing CPG-0161010 1/16”OD 1.0mm ID 10M GREY
PEEK tubing CPG-0167510 1/16”OD 0.75mm ID 10M GREEN
PEEK tubing CPG-0165010 1/16”OD 0.50mm ID 10M YELLOW
PEEK tubing CPG-0162510 1/16”OD 0.25mm ID 10M BLUE
PEEK tubing CPG-0161810 1/16”OD 0.18mm ID 10M NATURAL
PEEK tubing CPG-0161310 1/16”OD 0.13mm ID 10M RED

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