Alternative Agilent outlet valve liquid chromatography

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Chromasir offers outlet valve as an alternative product of Agilent. It can be for use with liquid chromatographic pump of 1100, 1200 and 1260 Infinity, and made of 316L stainless steel, PEEK, ceramic ball and ceramic seat.

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    As an indispensable part in liquid chromatographic instruments, check valve contributes to a more precise experiment analysis. Chromasir’s check valve is made of high-quality materials, with excellent durability and stability. Besides, our check valve is produced by adopting the cutting-edge manufacturing technology and precision production process, which have outstanding details and precise dimension control. All of those achieve a distinguished and reliable performance.

    All the check valves are manufactured in accordance with Chromasir’s highest levels of quality and have been tested in liquid chromatographic instruments, to make sure they will have a great performance to work with the rest of the system. They are totally compatible with Agilent’s liquid chromatographs. Our products struggle to increase customers’ analytical, instrument, and laboratory efficiency to the greatest degree. A variety of check valves offered by us enable to meet the diverse needs of experiments and analysts in the fields of chemistry, pharmacy, biochemistry and environmental science. Chromasir’s check valve is able to satisfy Agilent’s liquid chromatographic use requirements. What’s more, to purchase our products will greatly reduce the experiment costs and delivery time.


    Name Material Chromasir Part. No OEM Part. No
    outlet valve Stainless steel, ceramic and PEEK CGF-1040067 G1312-60067

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