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Capillary is an essential consumable in HPLC, which plays an important role in connecting the instrument modules, and chromatographic columns. Chromasir® team invents three capillaries and related fittings, makes into three capillaries (Traline series, Ribend series and Supline series) in different methods, and obtains many patents. The capillary series has been inspected by SGS, fully confirming the capillary material. The capillary of Chromasir® is compatible with more than 95% HPLC.


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There are three kinds of stainless steel capillary: Traline capillary, Ribend capillary and Supline capillary. All the capillary take 316L stainless steel as material, with 1.58mm (1/16inch) outer diameter at both ends, 0.79mm (1/32inch) outer diameter in the middle. Traline stainless steel capillary tends to be pliant, and resists 1200bar and acid-base well. Both ends of Ribend capillary are designed to be pliant, which prevents from snapping. It resists 1200bar and acid-base well. Compared with Traline series, Ribend has longer lifetime, with a disadvantage that can be only used in common short metal fitting. Both ends of Supline capillary are designed with patent of "drum"shape; namely capillary is loaded with sealing gasket, after finger-tightening, the double sealing of planes and sides can be achieved. The capillary tends to be pliant, which prevents from breaking. It can resist more than 1200bar, as well as acid-base. The capillary and fitting can be separated and replaced alone, with lifetime of up to 150 times (for the import column jacket and device). Compared with Traline and Ribend series, Supline series can achieve double sealing performance, apply to all kinds of chromatographic columns, and reduce connection dead volume of capillary.

Stainless steel capillary finger-tight fittings are easy to use and quickly install without any tools, even though applied to the most advanced chromatographic columns and switching valves configuration. The capillary fitting is compatible with common chromatographic columns and valves, and resist system pressure of up to 400 bar.


1. Capillary is made of 316L stainless steel tubing, which has been cleaned by high temperature.
2. Good resistance to 1200 bar and ideal for most standard applications.
3. Smooth surface in tubing's inside to minimize backpressure.
4. 1/16 inches at both ends, fitting for most of liquid chromatograph.
5. Finger-tight fitting at both ends (resistant to 400 bar), fitting for most of LC system.
6. Available in 150mm/250mm/350mm/550mm length of tubing.
7. Finger-tight fitting is free to move and can apply to various chromatographs.


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