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Chromasir offers two sizes of chromatographic columns cabinet: the five-drawer cabinet is able to hold up to 40 columns, which is made of PMMA in body and EVA in lining, and the single storage box can hold up to 8 columns, with material PET in body ABS in snap-on faster and EVA in lining.

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The chromatographic column storage cabinet is an ideal and safe tool for lab. It will protect liquid chromatographic columns from dust, water, pollution and damage, so as to lower the lab operating costs. Chromasir’s column storage cabinet is easy to clean and maintain. The column storage cabinet almost is accommodated with all sizes of chromatographic columns, contributing to the reduce effectively the mess of lab. If you are interested in the chromatographic column storage cabinet, please feel free to contact us.


1. Waterproof and dustproof

2. The compartment in drawers makes for fixed columns storage

3. Single storage box can be stacked horizontally and vertically, and placed in cabinet without taking up desk room.

4. Five-drawer cabinet has great capacity to make chromatographic columns storage more convenient.


Part. No






five-drawer storage cabinet


40 columns

 PMMA in body and EVA in lining


single storage box


8 columns

PET in body, ABS in snap-on faster and EVA in lining

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