Ghost-Sniper Column Chromasir HPLC UPLC column eliminate ghost peaks

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Ghost-Sniper column is a powerful tool to eliminate ghost peaks produced during the process of chromatographic separation, especially in gradient mode. The ghost peaks will cause quantitative problems if the ghost peaks overlap the peaks of interest. With Chromasir ghost-sniper column, all the challenges by ghost peaks can be solved and the experiment consumption costs can be greatly lower.

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Ghost-sniper column is specifically manufactured to eliminate ghost peaks. Ghost peaks are of unknown origin in a chromatogram, usually observed during the process of chromatographic separation in gradient elution or long-period operation. The occurrence of ghost peaks has a deep influence on analysts’ experiments. Ghost-sniper column happen to solve those problems and make experiment process more convenient and efficient. This column can be applied in an extreme condition and shows a great capturing effect. It is definitely a good way to eliminating interference from ghost peaks on method verification and trace substance analysis. 


Part No. Dimension Volume Application
MC5046091P  50×4.6mm about 800ul HPLC
MC3546092P 35×4.6mm about 580ul HPLC
MC5021093P     50×2.1mm about 170ul UPLC
MC3040096P 30×4.0mm about 380ul HPLC Low column volume



Application and Results


1. If the batch analysis is arranged in the HPLC system, it is recommended to increase additional balance time for about 5 min - 10 min in your chromatographic conditions, for the influence of the volume of ghost-sniper column.
2. For new columns, flush them with 100% acetonitrile at the flow rate of 0.5ml/min for 4 hours before use.
3. Ion-pair reagents in mobile phase, might be absorbed by ghost-sniper column, which might influence the retention time and the peak shape of your target. Please use with caution under such mobile phase.
4. The column lifetime depends on the analytical conditions, such as the mobile phase. the solvent purity, and the contaminated of the equipment. Please replace the ghost-sniper column regularly to ensure performance.
5. To replace ghost-sniper column is suggested if capturing effect gets worse or demands cannot be satisfied.
6. As a purification part to liquid chromatograph, ghost-sniper column can filter solid particles and eliminate organic pollutants before injector. The ghost-sniper column also provides instruments and chromatographic column with better protection, and perfects chromatogram.
7. If mobile phase contains buffer salt, before and after using, transmit to flush with 10% organic phase solution (10% methanol or acetonitrile), to avoid buffer salt out and block the column.
8. Please notice that not all the ghost peaks can be captured by Ghost-Sniper column.
9. If the column leaves unused for a long time, it is recommended to keep it in the organic aqueous solution (70% methanol or acetonitrile). And please flush it with 100% acetonitrile at the flow rate of 0.5 ml/min for 1 hour before using.

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