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Chromasir offers lamp housing window assembly can be an affordable alternative of Waters lamp housing window assembly. It is used for UVD like Waters 2487, 2489, old TUV and blue TUV.   If you are interested in the lamp housing window assembly, or want to learn our company, please feel free to contact us. We always receive you with sincere and patient service.

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When to replace lamp housing for 2487 and 2489.

  1. When replacing the deuterium lamp, lamp’s power is low and cannot pass the self-test, now we need to replace the lamp housing. Further, if the lamp still cannot pass the self-test after replacing the lamp, we are supposed to replace M1 mirror. Then if the above solution fails, we should replace the optical grating.
  2. The solution is as above when there is a problem that baseline noise is large.


Chromasir Part. No


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Lamp housing


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