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Secure Your Lab with a 6-Port GL45 Solvent Bottle Safety Cap

Maxi Scientific Instruments (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is a well-established China-based manufacturer, exporter, and factory of high-quality laboratory equipment. The company is known for its innovative and cutting-edge products that meet the needs of modern scientific research. One of their latest inventions is the 6-Port GL45 Solvent Bottle Safety Cap, designed to provide a safe and secure sealing for GL45 solvent bottles. The 6-Port GL45 Solvent Bottle Safety Cap is made of durable polypropylene material that ensures its long-lasting use. It comes with six ports, making it possible to connect multiple tubing lines. The cap features a built-in PTFE inlet filter that helps prevent contamination of solvents with debris or particles. Additionally, the cap has a unique quick-connect feature that allows for easy installation and removal, making lab work much more efficient. Overall, this product is a reliable and essential addition to any laboratory looking to improve safety measures while handling solvents. Trust Maxi Scientific Instruments (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. to provide the best laboratory solutions for all your needs.

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