Column oven switch replacement Waters

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Column oven switch is suitable for using in Waters 2695D, E2695, 2695, and 2795 liquid chromatographic instruments. Chromasir’s column oven switch will be cost-effective product for those customers who are bothered by broken column oven switch, and greatly protects column oven from damage.

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The column oven switch manufactured by Chromasir has an equivalent performance as the originals. It can be used to replace the original column oven switch in Waters 2695D, e2695, 2695, and 2795. Our column oven switch can greatly lower analyst’s experiment costs. It will cause problems of safety and have an influence on analysis experiments when the column oven switch is broken. The column oven switch provided by Chromasir is compatible with Waters liquid chromatographic instrument models. What’s more, to deliver our column oven switch to customers needs less waiting time and less expense.


Name Part. No Packing
Column oven switch CKG-0269500 1/pk

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