Replacement Agilent cell lens window assembly Liquid chromatography DAD

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Replacement Agilent Large or small cell lens assembly, a flow cell base window assembly. Small cell lens assembly is an alternative Agilent cell support assembly G1315-65202, and large cell lens assembly can replace Agilent source lens assembly G1315-65201. Both of them can be used in Agilent detectors of G1315, G1365, G7115 and G7165. It is recommended to change another lens when the power is insufficient after a lamp change. All of cell lens assembly has been tested and passed with a stable efficiency. They are produced as the replacement of Agilent originals. We are honored to have your consultation.

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Chromasir manufactures two kinds of cell lens assembly as the replacement of Agilent. When the customers find a problem in their cell lens assembly, it will take much expenditure to purchase the brand original cell lens assembly, and maybe need to wait for a long time. But this situation is not going to happen if customers choose to purchase our products. Our cell lens assembly is manufactured in exquisite workmanship and strict standard, and we can guarantee that the quality and effect of our products are same to the brand products. What’ s more, in terms of operational cost, our products will greatly lower the experiment cost. And we usually choose the express deliver with fast shipping speed to deliver the products, so as to reduce customers’ waiting time as much as possible. We also provide the detailed installation instruction for our clients. If you have any questions about cell lens assembly, please contact us and we will give you some suggestions as references.


Part. No

OEM Part. No






Large cells lens (source lens assembly)

Copper, quartz

Agilent detector of G1315, G1365, G7115 and G7165



Small cells lens (cell support window assembly)

Copper, quartz

When to replace source lens assembly?

1. After replacing the deuterium lamp, the power of lamp shows low and detection lamp’s power cannot pass. Under this condition, we need to replace cell support window assembly. If this solution does not work, we should replace the source lens assembly too.
2. The solution is as above under the circumstance of the baseline noise is large.

When to replace cell support assembly.
Its solution is the same to source lens assembly.

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