The launch of ghost-sniper column

Through years' research and development, Chromasir is about to launch Ghost-Sniper ColumnⅡin 2019, changing and optimizing the column structure and packing material of Ghost-Sniper Column. The capturing effect is still excellent under the extreme condition. Meanwhile, it is more effective to eliminate the interference of ghost peaks on method validation and trace substance analysis.

Before using the Ghost-Sniper Column, we need to learn what the ghost peaks are. Ghost peaks are of unknown origin in a chromatogram, produced during the process of chromatographic separation, especially in gradient mode. These maybe pose a challenge to analysts. For example, ghost peaks will cause quantitative problems if the ghost peaks overlap the peaks of interest. The analyst has to take a lot of time to eliminate the ghost peaks or improve the resolution between ghost peaks and the interest. Ghost peaks may come from many sources and the investigation could be time-consuming.

Besides, do you know what causes the production of ghost peaks? The causes which generate ghost peaks are various. The sources of ghost peaks can be broadly classified as follow:
1. Contaminants in system, such as an air bubble in the pump, a dirty detector, or a dirty injector needle.
2. Contaminants in column, such as a contaminant carried over from a previous injection.
3. Contaminants in sample.
4. Contaminants in mobile phase, from aqueous phase, buffer salt or organic phase.
5. Contaminants in sample bottles and other containers for preparing samples.

The Launch of Ghost-Sniper Column1
The Launch of Ghost-Sniper Column2

It can be clearly observed that Ghost-peaks Column has great influence on ghost peaks from the above figure. Chromasir's Ghost-Sniper Column always supports and benefits researchers' experiment and analysis.

We are on the way to new products' research and development. Please stay tuned to our future product launches. If you have interested in Chromasir's Ghost-Sniper Column, please feel free to contact us. 

Post time: Mar-15-2021